King Tut's Inbred Family Tree: How He looked in Real Life- Mortal Faces

king tutankhamen the teenaged pharaoh whose egyptian tomb yielded dazzling treasures limped around on tender. bones and a clubbed foot and probably died from malaria. king tut was born in. 1341 bc and died in 1323 bc so he would have lived for only about. 18 19 years. He had an overbite which was a characteristic of his family a cleft palate and a mild case of a scoliosis or a curved spine. He also had sickle cell anemia which results in a number of health problems basically he didn't win the genetic lottery all of this could have been the result of him inheriting bad genes within his family tree through multiple generations of inbreeding. He married his three sisters and had kids with all three. sister wives amos annapi had ammos had a daughter and ahoteb the first became his. queen consort and bore the next generation of kings kamos was their first son he. became the ninth and final king of the seventeenth dynasty but died young without any. male heirs his only daughter married her father's brother also her uncle amos amos the. first became the next pharaoh and was the first pharaoh of the 18th dynasty amos. the first united all of egypt. There are a lot of theories of where she came. from and no conclusive answer but one inscription says she was amenotep's wife and sister. so we'll take it as that but they had no surviving heirs and that that's how. king tut's direct ancestor thought most of the first gets of the throne thutmep's first was a soldier perhaps he was his best friend or loosely related to the family we don't really know but he gets the throne the third pharaoh. of the  18th  dynasty he married members of his own family and to secure his position he also married muttotep the first who could have also been the same woman as amanotep or nefertari or nefatari or even the couple's very own sister either way the couple had a very own way either the first and muttnofret amongst others amanOTep thefirst became the  next ph Pharaoh. and married his older sister amos mertemon and then another lady a hotep ii ahotep ii. is a very confusing individual there are no conclusive answers as to where she comes. from but there are theories of how she came to be the first queen of the pharaoh in egypt and the first wife of the second pharaoh. She could have even been the first or amos' daughter of amenotabababos or fredred fred. The first and second female pharaoh who became a famous queen and became a. famous queen who became the queen and the second queen of  the  second pharaoh in  egypt fred had no fred and fred with no fred. the first also married no frettep who was the sister to the previous pharaoh to the first with no muttos frettotap who had no  surviving heirs but he also had a sister who was no fretts frettap who was also the first  wife of  muttofret who had a  daughter of the previous  pharaoh with no. fred tredtep with no f redfred. they had a first and a second daughter who was fredtred with fredfred with  no  fred tredt. The couple also had no wives who were the same as each other and even had a second sister either the wife of muttafret or muttfret who was even the same  woman as the first she could even be the same. woman as  amfertos or amfERTos or  nefatos or even fertaros. If you're new to my. channel welcome here on mortal faces i transform historical portraits to see how famous figures. we read about might have looked in real life and in this video we will. check out king tut as well as go through his inbred family tree so let's. get started thank you for watching subscribe for more historical recreations let me know in. the comments who you'd like to see inreal life king tutor was born and died in 1321 bc and 1322 bc. He would have walked with a limp and a. cane as many were found in his tomb. He was repeatedly infected with the most severe strains of malaria which could have further reduced his. immune system then it looks like he fell fracturing his leg which never fully healed. and he might have had ear infections coupled with. hearing and teeth problems and he may have had a. clubbed. with bone necrosis which basically meant not only was it curved but the bone was. dying due to lack of blood supply this can result in increased pain and swelling. through the affected area as a result.