Why Hotels Like Marriott Have A Human Trafficking Problem

Human trafficking is the use of force fraud. or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act in the u.s. 72. percent of reported cases of human trafficking in 2020 were related to sex trafficking. hotels and motels are some of the most common venues for sex trafficking traffickers generally use the rooms for commercial sex acts and the ability to pay in cash provides a sense of secrecy through finances. commercial sexual exploitation generates about 99 billion dollars in illegal profits globally according to the national human trafficking hotline but nakia vestal. a survivor of sex trafficking says hotel staff are sometimes inaudible most traffickers on that. scale always have a set location where they work because they're it's comfortable for them and they know the the people at the front desk know what's going on so you know for them to say oh we don't know what’s. going on if you if you see the same individual and these same girls come. every day you know whats going on in 2000 the trafficking victims protection act or. tvpa was the first bill enacted to monitor prevent and criminalize trafficking it also penalizes private entities that enable or are complicit with the illegal act. The state estimates that 24.9 million. trafficking victims worldwide at any given time at any time human traffickers prey on all ages and backgrounds exploiting them for their own profit people from historically marginalized groups are more likely to be targeted especially when it comes to labor trafficking. The covet 19 pandemic has exacerbated this issue criminals are able to abuse new hotel technology like. contactless check-in making it more difficult to spot signs of trafficking all the while waves. of sex Trafficking lawsuits continue to pile up against hotel chains in the U.S. in 2019 six major. hotels including marriott wyndham and hilton were sued by a woman for allegedly turning a. blind eye to trafficking in their franchised hotels to continue earning a profit. More frequently were motel 6 super 8 motel days in red roof and and la. quinta the low scale motels they know what to do if you have a hotel. where you have porn where you can go in and there's a point like there's. a channel you click on porn's on the tv that's. that's a red flag right there although they made up a smaller portion of. cases big name hotel companies took the top headlines that year in 2019 in 2019 257 defendants were sued for sex trafficked and. 117 of the defendants were hotels more than the four years prior combined in 2020. 149 defendants were suing for sex Trafficked and nearly half were hotels the hotels accused. more frequently were motels more often were motel6 super 8 Motels in red Roof and and and La. quintA the low Scale Motels. The us state estimated that labor trafficking workers who are in the country on temporary guest work visas are very often targeted by traffickers often because there are certain loopholes in the system that are exploiting on the sex trafficking side. It's believed that historic discrimination and all of the rippling effects that it has been believed that it's been a long time ago that the trafficking of labor workers is a problem that has never been solved. The sex trafficking of guest workers is believed to be on the up and down the us. communities as well as black and indigenous communities and youth especially runaway youth and runaway youth especially. It is also believed that the lgbtq youth and youth are at greater risk of being trafficked. The number of victims is rising due to a high influx of visitors the super bowl is thought to bring a spike in sex trafficking due to the high influx of visitors the covet 18 pandemic. The world estimates that there are more than 24 million. Trafficking victims in 2020 and the number of trafficking victims in the United States is expected to rise to more than 20 million by the end of the year. The United States estimates that the world will have more than 100,000 human trafficking cases in 2020. The U.N. estimates that in 2020 there will be more than 10,000 sex trafficking victims. in the united states. in 2020 it will be the largest single year of trafficking in the world. It will also be the biggest year for human trafficking since the fall of 9/11. There will be an increase in trafficking victims and sex trafficking is estimated to take place in the next five years. The goal is to reduce the number of trafficking victims by 50 per cent by 20 per cent. There is a need to stop the trafficking of labor and sex trafficking in the next three years. There are plans to launch a task force that will focus on preventing and ending the sex  trafficking of women and children in the  United States. The  United States and girls in the United States.